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Posted on October 4th, 2010

Over the last few weeks, we have endeavored to update our website to better reflect our central mission of helping clients by delivering objective financial advice and representing them independently in the product marketplace. As a result, we have a fresher look that is more client centric - the way it should be.

We would like to invite you to subcribe to our blog where we will post articles from time to time that you can receive in your RSS reader, add to your Google, Yahoo, or Microsoft home page, or via email. Here are the instructions for each:

  • RSS Reader - click the subscription link to the right and your RSS reader will do the rest
  • Google, Yahoo, or Microsoft Home Page - go to your home page and click to 'add' content. In the box, type in http://www.waldenadvisors.com/blog/rss
  • Email - type in your email address in the Feedburner box to the right and click 'subscribe'

Please note that we will be posting no more than an average of once a week so you won't need to worry about being spammed to death. Also, we will not sell your email address to any marketing firms or otherwise.

We have one last thing to ask beyond subscribing to our blog. We are working on adding content to our Client Portal and would like your feedback on what you would like to have added/subtracted from this page. We are very flexible in what we can do, so please let us know. You can view the current page by clicking here. If you have some ideas, drop us an email, phone call, or use the comment box below.

Just to wrap this up, we want to thank you for your business and we hope that you enjoy the new WaldenAdvisors.com.

Brad & Duane

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