Let's Meet

Whether you're an existing client or are shopping around for some help in putting your finances together, we welcome the opportunity to meet with you in person. There are three stages to all of our relationships with clients that include (1) getting to know you, (2) doing the work, and (3) updating and reviewing. As a general rule, the time commitment is much greater in the first two stages as this is where we ferret out key issues to aid us in assembling your financial plan.

Stage 1: Getting to Know You

During this initial stage, we will typically have a series of meetings with the first one being an initial assessment of where you are financially and how we may be of service. Should you elect to hire us, we continue by learning more about you through an intensive data gathering session that requires a good bit of paperwork review. When we have as much information as you can provide, we'll then move on to the next stage which is to do the work.

Stage 2: Doing the Work

Over the course of a few meetings, we will draft and refine your financial plan until we have one that you feel confident pursuing. Once the plan is complete, there will be a number of steps needed to make the plan come to life that can range from setting up an estate plan to rolling over an old 401k to shopping around for insurance. Regardless of what actions need to be taken, we will help coordinate the activities that will lead you to fulfilling your plan. Of important note is that we are able to shop hundreds of financial institutions offering thousands of products as independent represetatives working on your behalf.

Stage 3: Updating and Reviewing

Once your plan has been implemented to the fullest extent possible, you should be in much better shape than when the process began. As a result, this part of the process is really just a fine tuning of your finances on an ongoing basis. However, it is imperative that if there is a material change in your financial life, that you contact us immediately so we can adapt your plan accordingly. As a client, you have all of our contact information, so never hesitate to pickup the phone, type out an email, or drop a letter in the mail. We always welcome the opportunity to serve you.

In Person

We are available to meet by appointment at your place or ours. If you'll be visiting us, we are located in Blue Ash at:

10554 Kenwood Rd. 
Blue Ash, OH 45242

By Phone

You can reach us by phone at the following numbers:

Brad Raymore - 513.745.9021
Duane Froelicher - 859.384.7416

By Email

If you'd like to drop us an email, you can use the following addresses or the contact form below:


By Snail Mail

If you need to drop us some paperwork or send other written correspondence, use the appropriate address below:

Brad Raymore
10999 Reed Hartman Hwy Ste 304J
Blue Ash, OH 45242

Duane Froelicher
36 Barnwood Ct
Florence, KY 41042